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DIY mini keychain knife Video

I saw this on MeZillch Channel awhile ago and thought Id make a few, well I finally got around to doing it, super easy and very useful.. The following is copied directly form his video description ..


Stealth Razor Knife/Name Tag: Mack the Knife

WARNING: This homemade, key chain, paper/box cutter or "utility knife" I designed (mine's named "Mack the Knife") is to be used ONLY where legal. In some jurisdictions it may be considered a concealed weapon, I suppose, if carried on the street or on an airplane. Check with the proper authorities. I take no responsibility for its improper or unlawful use. The real danger (I see) is forgetting you have it on you and attempting to pass through a security check point, like the TSA at an airport, which bans sharp blades, ESPECIALLY concealed ones!

Thanks to a member of the forum [cerbera147], this UK law was also brought to my attention:

"3. The Schedule to the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (Offensive Weapons) Order 1988(1), which specifies offensive weapons for the purposes of section 141 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988, shall be amended by the insertion into paragraph 1 of that Schedule after sub-paragraph (n) the wordsโ€”

"(o)a disguised knife, that is any knife which has a concealed blade or concealed sharp point and is designed to appear to be an everyday object of a kind commonly carried on the person or in a handbag, briefcase, or other hand luggage (such as a comb, brush, writing instrument, cigarette lighter, KEY, lipstick or telephone)."

ALSO, note that any attempt to enter a secure area with this item, will instantly set off alarms both by metal detection as well as X-ray examination, which will determine you are carrying a prohibited item and arguably a "concealed" one at that! Don't forget you have it on you and don't break the law.

Simply remove the blade part and toss it in the trash bin, prior to joining the line (queue). FORGETTING YOU HAVE THIS ON YOUR KEYS COULD GET YOU IN BIG TROUBLE! You can simply buy a new blade for it upon arriving at your destination; they are very inexpensive. [This is, of course, also how one "resharpens" the utility knife so it is always sharp!]

"Mack" is also a nice coupon clipper, paper cutter, box cutter, and fire steel striker [as I show in my glow fob/ emergency fire starting kit video]:

Note: The stiffness of deployment and retraction is adjustable by how many layers of clear tape are affixed to the name plate side. The one in this video is "loose", but they can be made quite stiff, if desired, such that retraction is more easily accomplished by pushing the tip against a hard surface, common to the commercial box cutters which uses the exact same razor blades, but are twice as long.

Be safe and enjoy.

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