BATLEXANDER MANILTON (Hamilton + Batman Parody)

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“BATLEXANDER MANILTON” is a love letter to the ten-dollar founding father without a father and the night stalker, Gotham-guarder covered in armor.


This project is in no way affiliated with DC Comics, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Hamilton, or any other entity. This video is an independently produced, fan-made parody with original lyrics and music score.

© Sam Clarke, Kevin MacKaye, Phil Hamilton, Ian Cardoni all rights reserved


Batlexander Manilton: Chris Hyacinthe
The Joker: Sam Clarke
Gordon: Alex Cantatore
Alfred: Ian Cardoni
Dent: Danny Miller
Rachel: Amanda Spinella
Clark Kent: Clayton Snyder


How does a bat-scared, orphan, one with a fortune and options
Who watched as the barrel of a revolver shot right in the abdomen his
mother and his father near an opera
Grow up to battle villains, rogues and robbers?

The night stalker, Gotham guarder covered in armor saw it got darker
So he fought a lot harder
To become a lot larger
A persona non grata
To take fear, and turn it around on the darkest-hearted

And every day the rage from being orphaned would torture his brain
His father's name unfortunately distorted
Inside he was longing for justice to be awarded
The brother was ready to turn the chaos back into order

Then the hurt and pain waned and a revelation came
Our man saw his city stripped, crippled and decaying
Made a suit out of his symbol, perfected it in his cave
And he made his first display. The predators turned to prey.

Well the word got around, they said, "This guy is insane, man."
Dressin' like a bat behind a mask and that's his game plan?
Sees the law and takes it in his hands and that's okay?
Well the world's got to know your name.
What's your name man?

Batlexander Manilton
My name is Batlexander Manilton
But if I'm ever asked by anyone
I'm just Bruce Wayne...just Bruce Wayne.

Well there were days he coulda quit, done with it, gone errant
He drew strength from the promise that he promised to his parents.
They said, while they bled out on the brick, their breath quick

"Don't be afraid" and then their final breath slipped.

Grew up with a butler, a butler committed to his side
Helped to nurture Bruce's truest side
To renew inside
A voice, saying

Master, you gotta pick up yourself

He kept him tweaking and re-tweakin every weapon on his belt.

He coulda just left the cops to do what they were meant to do
He woulda been set collectin' dues from all his vested institutions
Started lurkin', hurtin' all the great city's scam lords
Perchin' on the turrets like an airborne urban man o war.
Scannin' for every crook he can get his hands on
Plannin' for his legend to transcend a mortal man
See, the pow'r of his myth is our Bruce's new plan
You'll use your suit and be a new man.

You'll use your suit and be a new man.
[Just you wait.]
You'll use your suit and be a new man.
[Just you wait.]
You'll use your suit and be a new man.
Da na na na

Just you wait!

Batlexander Manilton
There is greatness in the wings for you.
You were there to be break down your enemies and take down crime!
Oh, Batlexander Manilton
When the monument's made for you.
Will they know of the price you paid?
Will they know of your whole charade?
The world will never be the same, oh...

The signal's lit and shinin' now, see if you can spot him
Just another vigilante outlaw watchin’ Gotham. He’s the
Hero that they needed even if they didn't want him.

Me, I fostered him.
Me? I lied for him.
Me? I trusted him.
Me I loved him.

And me. I'm the damn fool that fought him.

Things are darkest just before the dawn
But just you wait!

What's your name, man?

Batlexander Manilton.

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