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150 chances to become an millionaire

150 chances to become an millionaire

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Possibly The Easiest Way To Remove A Tree Stump! Using Epsom Salt!! Part 1 Video

It's been said that taking down a tree is the easy part compared to removing the stump. I hope to dispel that notion by employing what may be the easiest cost effective way to rid any stump from a landscape using none other that epsom salt.
Watch Part 2 Here:
Watch Part 3 Here:
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My Favorite Gardening Tools & Supplies:
Hori Hori (The Best Weeding Tool In My Opinion **Dan's Top Pick**): Watch video:
Silky Hand Saw (Fine Tooth- Great For Clean Cuts When pruning Fruit Tree**Dan's Top Pick**): Watch Video:
Wicked Hard Saw (Standard- Good For Removing Larger Branches): Watch Video:
Hand Pruners: Watch Video:
Easy Tool Sharpener (Quickly Sharpen Pruners, Knives, Loppers **Dan's Top Pick**): Watch Video:
Hose Sprayer (Best For The Buck That I've Found!):
Rubber Hose (Craftsman Lifetime Warranty No Kinks, Less Toxic! **Dan's Top Pick**): Watch video:
Pump Sprayer (For Applying Fertilizer & Treatments): Watch video:
Liquid Kelp (Foliar Feeding): Watch video:
Mycorrhizae (Plant Root Extension): Watch video:
Brown Paper Roll (Sheet Mulching 900 ft): Watch video:
Azomite Rock Dust - 2 Pounds (Give Minerals To Your Plants, Uptake More Nutrition When You Eat Them):
2.5 lbs Sluggo Plus (Organic, Biodegradable. Eliminates Snails, Slugs, Pillbugs etc.): Watch video:
Fungus Gnat Yellow Sticky Traps (Natural Way To Stop The Cycle): Watch Video:
100% Pure Cold Pressed Neem Oil (Natural Insecticide, Fungicide):
Copper 4E Fungicide (Natural Defence For Peach Leaf Curl, Powdery Mildew, Black Spot): Watch video:
Organic N-Dure Premium Inoculant (Remember to innoculate your beans & peas before planting): Watch video:
Active Aqua Commercial Air Pump (Makes 25 Gallons Of Compost Tea): Watch video:
Grit for Chickens and Ducks (Good For Chicken And Duck Digestion / Great as a potted plant mulch): Watch video:
Brass Garden Hose Quick Connector (Easily switch between a spray nozzle and sprinkler **Dan's Top Pick**): Watch video:
Make Pure Water At Home (No Contaminants)!
Mega Home Countertop Water Distiller:
How To Distill Water At Home (Video):
Watch My Unboxing Video:

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