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5 Most Affordable Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Cases | Save Some Cash Today! Video

Hey what's up everyone. Today, I have a quick case review for you. This one is brought to us by Easy Acc and if you like what you see, be sure to grab the 30% off discount code down below to save you some cash.

Samsung S9:ย
Samsung S9 Plus:ย
Code:ย 6Y3GWH95 30% OFF End date: April 30,2018

Enin here from U Droid Mania and you're watching my EasyAcc Galaxy Cases review, so let's do this!

Let me start by saying that each of these cases share commonalities, including their names, so I'll have those listed on the screen and down below in the order you see them.

These cases are all thin, one-piece cases made from a flexible TPU. So if you're looking for protection the majority of these cases are not going to be for you.

Installation is super easy as you can guess these cases just snap right on. I've poured over each of these cases, and they all have accurate cutouts as well as tactile and responsive buttons, so there's no worries there.

Since I've started with the clear case, you should keep in mind that most clear cases will yellow over time, but hey, at a price of about $5, you can get more than one.

With each of these cases, you should know that they are screen protector friendly, but as you can see here on the first case, they do not have much in the way of a bezel so....I wouldn't recommend laying your phone face down with a protector.

This next case comes in two colors; a kind of chocolate color and a white. If you've seen my MNML case review then this case should look familiar. It's .45mm thin and is barely noticeable on your phone. This case has a matte feeling to it and adds no extra bulk what-so-ever to your phone.

The buttons are left exposed and I like this color combination. Again, the cutouts are precise here, and I think it looks pretty good. I can't stress this enough though, these cases are not for protection so keep that in mind.

Now, I have been using EasyAcc cases over the past year and can say that one of my favorite cases from my S8 came from them. If you want to know which one, I'll leave the link for that video down below.

Any way, I say this to say that don't let price be a barrier for you and some protection is better than none. Especially when it comes to scratches.

Lastly, we have here this PU leather case. It's likely the most protective here so if you want something that fully covers your phone, out of this bunch, this is the way to go.

None of these case interfere with wireless charging, camera usage, accessories or anything along those lines. If there was one thing to complain about, it would be that these cases aren't going to be the most premium feeling, but again at this price, would that come into play? You'll have to decide.

Let me leave you with the fact that I have come across more expensive cases, that I didn't like as much as these.

Overall, I'm thinking if you get one of these cases, you are not buying them for their looks necessarily or their protective qualities. These are cases were designed to be minimal and thin and most importantly affordable. Pricing is what should attract you to these cases and they will likely not be the only cases that you have in your collection.

For me personally, I'll rotate these in and out as needed to change things up, so if you'd like to know how they hold up, ask me in a future video and we can chat about it. As of today though, my recommendation is grab a couple and save some cash while you're at it. You can never have too many cases.

I've got the coupon code down below if your're interested, so go and check it out.

Ok, so there you have it. What do you guys think about this year's cases from Easy Acc? Last year, they were received fairly well and were even requested as a part of my giveaways. As I mentioned earlier, I will be swapping these cases in and out of my rotation because I happen to like a few of these cases, so thanks to the team over at EasyAcc for sending them out for review and for providing the discount code.

If you've enjoyed this video, do leave a thumbs up, and if you're new here, go ahead a click that subscribe button while you're at it. Welcome to my channel.

As always, I'd like to thank you for watching, and I'll talk to you in my next one.

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