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Independence Day | tiny step towards unity Video

Tiny step Towards Unity!

(#independenceday message from Indian Techical Channel MISSION CRITICAL)

Today we are all celebrating our 71st Independence. The day when our nation was set free of the colonizers rule. The day when every nation on earth witnessed true bravery and unity that too from a rich nation turned poor and illiterate. Still, we rose as heroes, still we fought, and still we celebrated.
But, my question to you is, are we in total independence today?
We are all still caught up and imprisoned into our past, our miseries, our complains, our negativity, our pessimisms, our laziness, our stupidity, our races, our problems. The list continuous my friend.
Out where in the whole world, are we acting free?
Lets oath today to make ourselves strong, just like in those days when our homes were burnt, our respects were trashed we stood united to fight for what is right. All I want you all to do is take little tiny steps to make things right. To learn and understand that when someone puts an evil eye on my brother, sister, mother, friend, children, we will poke out those eyes to justice. And none, NONE! Can stop us from doing it, if we fight for it in a truthful manner.
We need to understand that the freedom we’re celebrating today will have no worth if we kept dwelling or complaining on things not going right. We are the ones who have to make it right ourselves; nobody is going to do that for us. And today we do that, do you know why? Because this nation is free, but it needs more people to value, the freedom that has yield to us.
So let’s start this journey towards our freedom and successful life.



Shaikh Mohammad Salman ( MicroMotivation)
Check out his Instagram page to get #Motivated

Background Description
Mechanically waving INDIAN FLAG, with the help of a servo motor, controlled by ARDUINO

--Music Credits--
NCM Epic Music Ender Guney
Track : Epic Cinematic Music 2 Hours ROYALTY FREE

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