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Swimming Pool Algaecides and Algae Removal Video


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One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that just by shocking their pool algae will be killed. Once you have active algae growth, an algaecide is the only way to get rid of it.

Here are the four algaecides that I recommend. I generally will use YellowTrine almost exclusively on my route and will also use Swimtrine which is a copper based Algaecide. I have videos on both of these:

Swimtrine Plus Algaecide (Copper based):
Yellowtrine Algae Treatment:

Sometimes you cannot locate these two so I gave you two alternates to use, Yellow treat and Yellow Out. Both are also very effective. I would shy away from generic algaecides as they may not be effective. If your pool is green or you need more on treating mustard algae you can try these videos or watch the playlist on my Channel:

Clean a Green Pool Updated Version -YELLOW OUT:
For removing Yellow & Mustard Algae:
For GREEN pool clean-up:
For Black Algae Treatment:


If your chlorine levels are good and your filter is clean you may have a problem with high Phosphate levels. In that case this video will help you:

PHOSfree: Phosphate Remover, Algae Treatment:

I also have videos covering the various sanitizers that I show in this video. Again, liquid chlorine works best I think with the algaecides, but you can also use shock to raise the chlorine levels rapidly:

Liquid Chlorine Pool Sanitizer:
Pool Shock, Cal Hypo:
Trichlor 3" Chlorinating Tablets:
Dichlor Pool Sanitizer:
Kem-Tek Super Shock Quick, Trichlor Shock:

So during the treatment you want to keep the chlorine level very high since the algae and the Yellowtrine, Yellow Treat and Yellow Out eat the chlorine also. If you are not careful you can zero out your chlorine levels.

I note near the end about proper conditioner levels. It is an important element in pool chemistry as the Sun's UV rays pretty much destroy chlorine in a matter of hours. It is crucial to have some conditioner in the water. For more on pool conditioners here are two videos:

How to Check the Cyanuric Acid (Conditioner) Level:
To learn about Conditioner:
Instant Pool Conditioner:

Last, I mention the state of your filter as being a vital part of algae control. To learn how to clean your specific filter you can view my "Filter Playlist" here:

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