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Learn English Conditionals Easily Video

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Have you been struggling with conditional sentences? ME TOO! 🙋♀️
Conditional 0, conditional 1, 2 and 3. Mixed conditionals, confusing conditionals. So many options, and most of them don’t make any sense! 😮

Well, in this video I’m going to explain conditionals in a new way, and while it may not be conventional… it might finally make sense.
(In a strange way. But hey, there are stranger things than that.)
In this video, I’ll discuss the 3 main conditionals in English and share with you my method to practice them so you can use conditionals without second-guessing yourself.
The main idea here is repetition. When we repeat things, they stick, and they become a habit. Conditional sentences are no different.

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00:00 Intro
04:04 The First Conditional
05:56 The Second Conditional
10:06 The Third Conditional
13:03 How to Practice: My Conditional Sprints

A playlist with awesome drills for every day

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