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Cotton Candy for Deer: How to Plant Iron & Clay Cowpeas! Video

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Iron and Clay Cowpeas are a summer favorite of both deer and deer hunters. Deer hunters love iron and clay cowpeas because they are easy to plant, drought tolerate, grow fast, and provide a great food source throughout the summer. Deer love them because they are a delicious succulent plant filled with taste, protein, and moister.

Iron and Clay Cowpeas can be grown in most of the country between May and August. I plant them every year in my fall plots and they last until the 1st frost while they draw deer in (sheee...that's my little secret!). I like cowpeas better than soybeans because they grow faster, they re-fork better after being eaten, and they are more drought tolerant. However, deer love soybeans too!

In this video, I show you how I plant Iron and Clay Cowpeas into my seeded out fall plots from last season. I start by burning down the plots with 41% Glyphosate and then spreading the Cowpeas directly into the weeds. I then come behind that with my harrow and cover them up with dirt...done. This method works really well and is a minimal way to get cowpeas in the ground while cleaning up the weeds in your food plots. I do inoculate my seed but in many case you do not need to. Inoculation is important for many legumes if you are planning on the plants going to full maturity and producing beans or peas. If you are only planting to get them out of the ground a few inches to pull in deer then you don't need to inoculate. They will come up and the deer will eat them so fast that you'll think you did something wrong while planting them.

I buy my seed and What's nice about this company is that they break down 50lb bags so that hunters can order just a few pounds of seed for their smaller plots. Many guys find success planting cowpeas in their smaller bow plots ahead of bow season and they don't need a 50lb bag. Nothing will draw in deer for bowhunting like Iron and Clay Cowpeas.

It's not too late to plant some cowpeas this summer or even going into the fall. Get those iron and clay cowpeas in the ground and pull those deer in!

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