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फिमोसिस का बिना ऑपरेशन के इलाज | Treatment of Phimosis in Hindi | Phimosis Medicines | By Dr. Nitish

Dr. Nitish Kumar describes about the treatment of Phimosis in Hindi. We have explained the symptoms of Phymosis with some most effective medicines for Phimosis to Cure.

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Dr. Nitish Kumar
Instagram – Aayush_singh20
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Email- [email protected]

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All the information described in the video are based on Medical studies and Current internet Knowledge so you can trust and follow the instructions.
Some of the images and footage used in the video have been taken from internet and websites Like-
and all these images are only used for information purpose under fair use Policy.
The medicines described in the video are only used for information purpose so you should must contact your Doctor and get proper physical examination of your body.
Because this channel only describes the causes of disease and describes medicine for information Purpose Only. So must Consult your Doctor before taking any Medicine. Because this channel is not responsible for any kind of Physical imbalance and side-effects.

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