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Hi my loves!! I was so excited to collab with these wonderful FA vloggers! Thanks for watching todays video.:) Before you leave don't forget to like, comment and subscribe.

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Lets be besties
Instagram: ChristinePrimrose
Snapchat: primroseparis

10 most frequently asked questions tag :)
1. How do I become a flight attendant
2. Do you have any remedies for Jetlag and bloating?
3. How many days off do you get?
4. How long is reserve for your airline?
5. Did you get to pick your base
6. How tall do you have to be for your airline?
7. How many years of customer service experience do you need?
8. Tips on passing the interview portion?
9. What made you want to become a flight attendant?
10. Advice for new flight attendants?
11. Bonus question: Is there anyone would you like to collab with in person from YouTube? It could be beauty, lifestyle or a even a fellow flight attendant...

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NOTE: These are my personal opinions and are directly my own and do not necessarily express my employers views.

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