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Real 737 Captain LIVE | Flying the PMDG 737 with a FAILURE every 10 minutes!

Now this should be interesting! For today’s flight I’ve turned the PMDG 737 Random Failures on up to the maximum permitted amount (59 Failures in 10 hours). That means we should get a random failure every 10 minutes (or maybe more)!

It could be anything from something minor (window overheat) to something very challenging (severe engine damage/rapid depressurisation/gear collapse etc). One thing that I can guarantee is that the failures are going to keep on coming until we’re safely on the ground (or ditched!)

To increase the chance of our flight being severely disrupted we’re going to plan to fly a two-hour sector from Madrid (LEMD) to Stansted (EGSS). Failure’s will be turned on as soon as I push TO/GA. Will we be able to complete our flight successfully? Should we divert, return to our departure point, or continue to our destination? Will we need to declare an emergency or perform any memory items? There’s only one way to find out!

Please note this stream is purely for entertainment only. It’s unlikely you’ll ever encounter serious situations let alone multiple ones. I will do my best to deal with the failures as they come but it’s likely we will be dealing with situations beyond the scope of any Non-normal Checklists. As per FCTM guidance I might be required to use multiple NNC’s to fit the situation, select elements of different NCC’s or be faced with a situation where there is no specific guidance, and use my own judgement and experience to come to a safe decision. This is whilst I’m operating single pilot in a multi crew desktop simulated aircraft which might not react as expected, so wish me luck!

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The primary purpose of this stream is to give you the opportunity to see how a Real 737 Captain operates a desktop simulated aircraft in real time using real world operating procedures.

Whilst every effort is made to accurately replicate the way the aircraft is flown based on my experience as an Airline Captain and Type Rating Instructor, this is purely for entertainment only.

If you happen to be a line pilot or training pilot you must not follow the guidance in this livestream, it is purely for non-professional computer simulated flight. Only consult your approved material from your respective operator.

Personal questions and queries regarding my employment status will not be answered.


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Addons Used:

• Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary addition
• PMDG 737-800 (3.0.56)
• FSRealsitic Pro v2.1.1
• London Stansted (EGSS) by liiiam

Flight Sim Hardware:

• Thrustmaster Civil Aviation (TCA) Airbus and Boeing Edition
• Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals
• Logitech Radio Tuning Panel
• Tobii Eye Tracker 5

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