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Glasgow Rangers lost the Europe League! (#4573) Medium Sudoku puzzle 05-12-2022

#sudoku #AlgemeenDagblad #mediumsudoku #puzzle

" How to solve a medium sudoku "

Enjoy the Sudoku Medium puzzle (Thursday 05-19-2022 edition)

Download here the pdf file, so you can first print & try it out. Or beat my time. Incase you can't solve the Sudoku, you can watch the youtube movie for the solution. If it goes too fast, you can rewind it. Apologize for my bad pronunciation. English is not my native language. I will try to upload every day a Sudoku puzzle. You will find all my previous Sudoku puzzles in my channel if you subscribe.

Tip to all: no tips today

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Here is a video list of all my Sudoku puzzles:

All Medium Sudoku playlist:

Download the Sudoku pdf here:

And here are the collected data of the past 10 weeks. I've not analysed those (Please leave a comment if you see a pattern):

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