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QR Batch: Easiest Way to Create QR Codes in Bulk

You know what QR Codes are and how to create them. You simply need a QR Code generator to get the job done.

00:00 – Introduction
00:28 – QR Batch: A Bulk QR Code Generator
00:48 – Steps to generate QR Codes in bulk

But what if you need hundreds or thousands of QR Codes? This could be for purposes such as inventory tracking, employee ID cards, and product labels.

A generic QR Code generator would allow you to create QR Codes one by one. And this would not be a scalable option when the requirement is huge.

Introducing—QR Batch.

QR Batch is an easy-to-use bulk QR Code generator. It helps you generate multiple QR Codes —even custom-designed ones—in a short period of time.

Unlike a generic QR Code generator, it doesn’t need you to add the data to each QR Code individually. All that you need to do here is:

Create a spreadsheet containing the data to be added to the QR Codes
Go to QR Batch and choose the batch type. You can choose to download the batch of QR Codes as images or even as printable labels
Then, select an appropriate QR Code category. You can choose from website URL, text, Vcard, Serial Code, and Random Code QR Codes
Next, upload your data file and review the data in sheet
Then you can choose to add design to your QR Codes
Once done, you can make the payment and your batch of QR Codes will start progressing. The batch is typically generated in a few minutes to hours depending on the number of QR Codes

And the best part is—you only need to pay for the QR Codes you create. No need to buy a subscription. And the higher the number of QR Codes, the cheaper is the cost per QR Code generated.

QR Batch is already being used by some of the best companies in the world.

Try it.

Go to qrbatch-dot-scanova-dot-io and sign-up for a free account today. The link is in the description.

QR Batch—the easiest way to generate QR Codes in bulk.

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