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She died for you, you must live your life on her behalf and stay with me! | My lethal Man

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In an unexpected kidnapping case, Shen Manning meets her "doppelganger" Zhuang Xinyan. But Zhuang Xinyan's death totally changes Manning's life. The powerful and mysterious man, Yan Xingcheng, forces Shen Manning to start her "second life" as his fiancé. At first they're hostile to each other, but as they overcome adversities and difficulties together, they start to love and rely on each other. Together they discover the truth of the unsolved case from 17 years ago...

Episodes: 24

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Drama

Subtitles: English [CC]

Audio languages: Chinese

Director: Chu De Jian

Li Mo Zhi as Shen Man Ning/Zhuang Xin Yan
Fan Zhi Xin as Yan Xing Cheng
Li Yi Zhen as Tang Lin
Chang Zhe Kuan as Lin Mu Fan

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