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How To STOP Watching PORN - Riley Reid (THIS WORKS) Ft. Preston Smiles

HOW TO CONQUER PORN ADDICTION and stop watching pornography. You’ve probably tried to quit porn in the past and it’s actually really f*cking DIFFICULT! But doing it YOUR WAY is what has made it difficult up to this point. This video is a STEP by step flow on beating PORN addiction.



Your Brain on Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction
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In this video, Preston Smiles and I speak about the necessary strategies to quit watching porn. Also, we discuss how to identify if you even have a pornography addiction to begin with. Porn Addiction is not classified as a mental disorder by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, per se. BUT if you’re here you know how it can negatively affect your life (school, work, health, relationships and so on)

Clinical depression is twice more likely to affect a porn addict than a person who isn’t one. There’s no question that porn may be one of the most dangerous addictions that exists, because of its “secretive” nature. As with any controversial issue, there are naysayers that just affirm you can’t possibly be addicted, that it’s just a way for different religions to scare men amongst other things. Besides it's not something you ingest or put into your body, so how could it be THAT harmful?

Well, how about we look at it from a different perspective:

With simple tools provided by Google, anyone can easily find out that within a month, in average, about 6,600 people search for the term: “how to stop watching porn”. Additionally, 1,140 people are looking for “stop watching porn” and “can’t stop watching porn”. These are just three examples. It makes it blatantly obvious that you’re not alone, and many many people are actively looking for a solution.

Any of These Symptoms Sound Familiar?
- It’s difficult to become aroused with a physical partner, but you can coax yourself with the use of porn.
- Struggling to maintain an erection (erectile dysfunction)
- Excessive masturbation, constant craving but little to no satisfaction
- Social anxiety develops. If you already struggled with this, excessive porn can make social anxiety more severe.
- Constantly feeling tired (fatigue) and lacking motivation
- General anxiety and a feeling of uneasiness
- Difficulty concentrating and pronounced worsening of short term memory
- Needing more extreme porn, or porn that doesn’t fall within your sexual orientation

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