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Steric Inhibition of Resonance and Ortho Effect | Super-Concept & Tricks | Jee Advanced | AIIMS

Hello Guys, in this Video, we are going to explain SIR (steric inhibition of Resonance) and ortho effect. These are some of the most important and vital effects that play very important role to explain reactivity of a molecule, attacking efficiency, acidity, basicity and solvation in organic chemistry.
Basically, when two bulky groups are present nearer in a compound the repulsion takes place between the two bulky groups and due to steric crowding or vander-wall repulsion one of the group rotates about 90 degree with respect to plane to avoid cross-resonance (For better charge dispersion), this is called Steric Inhibition of Resonance or SIR effect. Many important points about SIR is discussed in details inside the lecture.
It is common observation that generally ortho substituted benzoic acids are more acidic as compared to their isomers and benzoic acids itself. Similarly, ortho substituted anilines are mostly weaker bases than aniline itself, reason is explained by ortho-effect.
Different case studies and problems based on SIR and ortho effects has been solved inside the content in detailed manner by MKA Sir.
Hope, You will enjoy the lecture.

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Thanks for watching.
Team IITian Explains.

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