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INDIA Royalty Free Music

Cool and dramatic indian asian cinematic audio track, freely licensed. An intense production music track featuring historic Bass track, confident Drum swing and driving String rhythm. // Download from:

Free to use in your Videos!

Perfect music for projects such as world kid music, hobby Final Cut projects, inspirational mobile apps, india video games, emotional infographics, flute childrens music, powerful YouTube, strong music for cartoons, professional website music, license free children projects, for-profit film music, copyright free movie music, free to use audio loops, instrument web ads, corporate cooking videos, product music for background, driving backing music and no copyright songs. Use it to make a catchy powerpoint, thrilling promotion, royalty free trailer, moving presentation, instrumental video clip, free license commercial, climactic TV ad, smart photo gallery, completely free motivational project, wedding video, school project, vlog or tutorial.

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Music: Mumbai Effect by Jingle Punks.

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Image India detail by Nico Crisafulli from licensed under CC-BY 2.0 license

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