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Sustainable Safety Leadership - Safety Culture Improvement - Safety Training Video

Sustainable Safety Leadership - Safety Culture Improvement - Safety Training Video

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You have established a workplace safety culture that reduces accidents, back injuries, slips, trips and falls, forklift incidents, chemical incidents, spills, and controls the associated hazards.

In order to make your workplace safety culture sustainable, you must develop leaders among your people. Everyone has to be responsible for safety, but often have to be nudged and encouraged to achieve shared goals.

Safety team leaders help establish goals and give everyone feedback on the progress. But the goals should be positive, not negative. Rather than saying we should "stop accidents," we should work toward making safety a value in every process. This turns a negative goal into a positive one.

In this video, we explain the three essential fundamentals needed for a sustainable safety improvement process. People want to work in a safe environment; many need to be nudged or coached into understanding how to help others follow safe work practices. Those who can communicate and reward performance become the leaders needed to maintain the goal of a bottom-up safety culture.

Cultivate leadership and communication skills among the people in your organization, and you will build support for a safer workplace.

This video applies to any workplace, including hospitals, warehouses, retail, manufacturing, offices - anywhere.

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