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Zamasu 101 V.2 Basic Solo Combo BNBs - From 0 Meter to Solo Meter Dumps (Patch 1.17)

Zamasu Discord-- Join the Gods.
Combos in order of appearance. Time stamps in description. These are mostly meant to teach you what to do when solo and when you have no assists ready. Most of it this is not using meter but by the end I show a few examples of how you can dump some meter for damage.

SKD = sliding knockdown. Important for getting advantage and pressuring their wakeup options when not using meter for damage.
SD = super dash
IAD = instant air dash (9 then 6 quickly to get an air dash as low as possible to the ground)
DR = Dragon Rush
j.x = jump attack
dj.x = attack after double jump or = sequence of attacks while jumping or doublejumping
[x] means hold that button for a charged attack
dl = delay
#'s like 236 or 214 are notations that show you the direction(s) to press before a button. See a numpad on a keyboard to get the idea of which directions they mean. 5 means not holding a direction or 'neutral'.
example: 236[S] = doing a quarter circle forward (236) and then holding S ("X" on PlayStation or "A" on Xbox defaults) for a charged blade attack. 5LLL means hitting L-L-L not holding a direction.

Most of these combos can end in dj.LLS(3)236L into Super:

1) The Corner BNB (corner only - SKD) 0:06
2M 5M 5H 236[S] 5L j.MLL dj.LLS(3)2H
2) (same but with scaled starter j.H - corner only - SKD) 0:15
IAD j.H 5LL 2M 5M 5H 236[S] 5L j.MLL dj.LLSSS2H
-can't mash the 5L after 236[S]. Have to time it or you risk getting a second L and ruining the combo.
-can hold S for the j.S(3) or j.SSS portion instead of hitting 'S' 3 times. So dj.LL hold S and then hit 2H after you see 3 ki blasts. Timing can be tight on scaled starters like jump attacks or L's.

3) (corner only - SKD - slightly more damage for solo) 0:25
2M 5M 236S dl.2M 5M 5H SD j.MLL dj.LLS(3)2H
-Harder than Standard BNB due to delay and worse for assist combos with hitstun in longer combos.
-Easier version not shown. Less damage than BNB and doesn't require delays: 2M 5M 236S 2M 5H SD j.MLL dj.LLS(3)2H
4) (corner only - Snap or SKD) 0:34
IAD j.H 5LL 2M 5M j.MLL dj.LLS(3)236S DR+assist to snap or hold DR to get SKD
5) (corner only - Snap or SKD) 0:44
IAD j.H 5LL 2M 5M j.MLL dj.LLS(3)236S SD j.LLS(3)2H

6) (SKD) IAD j.H 5LL 2M 5M j.MLL dj j.LLS(3)236S j.236M

7) (SKD) 2M 5M j.LM-dl.L dj.LLS(1+)236S j.236M
This one will take some practice. Can also do j.ML-dl.L dj.LLS(1+)236S j.236M if that seems easier for you. (ignore the timestamp on screen. I'm not redoing this lol)

5LLL Midscreen and Corner: 1:11 & 1:17
8) (midscreen - SKD) 5LLL SD j.MLL dj.LLL
9) (corner - SKD) 5LLL SD j.MLL dj.LLS(3)2H

2H routes the same as 5LLL (and DR) starters: 1:25 & 1:33
10) (corner - SKD) 2H SD j.MLL dj.LLS(3)2H
11) (midscreen - SKD) 2H SD j.MLL dj.LLL

SD/Tag routes similar but one less j.L to be safe usually: 1:40 & 1:45
12) (midscreen - SKD) SD j.ML dj.LLS(3)236S j.236M
13) (corner - SKD or Snap) SD j.ML dj.LLS(3)236S DR

Midscreen 236[S] confirm: 1:51
14) (charged version only - no SKD... usually super after this one if you can) 236[S] dash 2M 5M j.MLL dj.LLL
BASIC METER USE EXAMPLES: 1:57 & 2:08 & 2:19
15) (using meter) 236[S] dash 2M 5M j.MLL dj.LLS(3)236L 236LM
16) (using meter) 5M 2M 5H SD j.MLL dj.LLS(3)236L 236LM or 214LM
17) (using meter) 2M 5M 5H 236[S] 5L j.MLL dj.LLS(3)236L 236LM or 214LM

SOLO METER DUMP EXAMPLES: (also work with scaled starters)
18) (Solo BOJ damage combo with SKD): 2:30
2M 5M 5H 236[S] 5L j.MLL dj.LLL dl.Vanish Dash 2M 5H 236H 236HS dash 2M 5H 236L-S dl.DR
19) Getting out of the Corner (and putting them in it): 2:47
2M 5M j.MLL dj.LLL dl.Vanish dash 2M 5H 236H 236HS 214L 236[S] j.M dj.DR
20) Far to Midscreen far from corner Meter Dump (solo no vanish): 3:02
2M 5M j.MLL dj.LLS(3)236S j.236H 236HS (whiff falling j.H) land 214M dash 5LLL SD j.M dj.DR
21) (Sparking Solo BOJ damage combo for killing 3:17) 2M 5M 236L Sparking 2M 5M 5H 236[S] 5L j.MLL dj.LLL dl.Vanish Dash 2M 5H 236H 236HS dash 2M 5H 236L-S dl.DR 214LM

Music from:
Souls of Mischief - '93 Til Infinity (Instrumental)

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