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Gold and Silver Buyers should note carefully what is happening in China

Today is Monday 11th January 2016 and we are suggesting to our viewers and subscribers that they follow the Chinese Market, especially its manufacturing data very closely.

It would be a mistake when considering purchasing precious metals to completely ignore what is happening in China.

The official purchasing managers’ index (PMI) of manufacturing activity edged up to 49.7 in December compared with 49.6 in November. The December reading marked the fifth consecutive month that the index was below 50, the point that separates expansion from contraction.
According to Zhao Qinghe a senior statistician at the national bureau of statistics: “Although the PMI slightly rebounded this month, it still lies below the critical point and is lower than historic levels over the same period,”

Our view is that in the event of a continuing slowdown, demand for silver will reduce and this will put further pressure on its price. We can still see, to some extent, China’s Central Bank buying gold in order to hedge its exposure to US dollar denominated assets, however domestic demand for gold could also possibly reduce. We believe though the greater fall in our view will be in silver, certainly as a percentage.

So we suggest that you watch this market closely and India too and to some extent they will give you an indication of what is likely to happen in the months ahead.

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