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The Colour Badge | Hey Duggee

Duggee teaches the Squirrels how to mix paint colours to make new colours!

The Colour Badge - Hey Duggee Series 2 - Hey Duggee
Duggee is painting in his favourite colouring book. The Squirrels want to have a go too. Betty wants to paint a bee and that’s YELLOW. Tag paints a fire truck and that’s RED, and Happy paints some water…BLUE. But when it’s Norrie’s turn she can’t find the paint colour she wants. Ah-woof. Don’t worry, Duggee has his Colour Badge, he can mix colours together to make different colours. What other colours can you make Duggee? The Squirrels learn how to mix colours and create one dazzling multi-coloured scene.

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*More about Hey Duggee*
Welcome to the Official YouTube channel for HEY DUGGEE!
Duggee is a big friendly dog who runs The Squirrel Club - a place where kids take part in all kinds of activities, have adventures & earn activity badges all along the way.
Get set for laughter, learning and exciting activities.
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