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How to Ski | 10 Beginner Skills for the First Day Skiing

In this video, you will learn 10 key skills and tips to learn how to ski. If you are hungry to learn to carv well, do nice short turns join one of our Ski Camps for Adults:

What you will learn in this tutorial:
00:37 Tip / Skill 1: Reading the slope map
01:14 Tip / Skill 2: Control your ski gear
03:29 Tip / Skill 3: Pushing and Skating
04:25 Tip / Skill 4: How to ride chairlifts and buttonlifts
06:05 Tip / Skill 5: How to walk uphill
07:03 Tip / Skill 6: How to stand up after a crash
07:03 Tip / Skill 7: How to snow plow on skis
11:32 Tip / Skill 8: How to side slip on skis
13:44 Tip / Skill 9: Skidded parallel turns on skis
15:34 Tip / Skill 10: How to jump on skis


Join a Ski Camp for Adults:

Stomp It Camps - Ski camps for adults
Ski Technique | Freestyle | Freeride

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