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Conjunctions Song (Junc-Func by Melissa) | Award Winning Educational Song Video

I wrote this song about conjunctions song as a memorable tool to help my students learn and understand conjunctions for life. This song identifies the purpose for using conjunctions to add variety to sentence structures in a simplified way. It provides examples of sentences using "and" to join phrases and clauses, "but" to show differences, "or" to give choices, and "if" to add conditions. Although other conjunctions are mentioned within the text of the song, the emphasis is more heavily tied to the use of coordinating conjunctions.

I’ve created an entire series of teaching videos to explain the components of English Language
Arts in a way that connects them to each other and to real world reading, speaking, and writing. The links for the videos in order are below. Please look for my other videos and share them with others that may find them helpful.

Abstract Nouns:
Nouns and Verbs:
Verbs "Action" :
Mental Action Verbs:
Proper Nouns:
Identifying Adjectives:
Personal Pronouns:
Pronouns and Antecedents:
Subject Pronouns:
Linking Verbs and Action Verbs:
Good or Well:
Subjects and Predicates:
Helping Verbs:
Helping Verbs Advanced:
Subjects and Predicates 2:
Understanding Contractions:
Contractions Practice:
Compound Words:
Indirect Objects:
Direct Objects:
Understanding Prepositional Phrases:
Coordinating Conjunctions:

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