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[MMD Newcomers] RowdyRuff Boys Z + Downloadable Models!

Haha, you gotta love them boys. :)
So I rolled over some PPGZ videos today, and noticed that someone even made the girls, so I figured, "Why not make the guys? They're just as adorable, right?" So here they are, recently finished, though there's a few kinks in Butch's hair.I'll put up a link as soon as I fix any problems!

I'll have to admit, I'm really proud of these models because they're the most accurate I've ever gotten with any MMD model I've ever made, they took me a good few hours with no breaks to make, I started on Boomer first as well, so he doesn't look as messy as the other two.

ALL MODELS NOW DOWNLOADABLE!! :DD Thanks for waiting! (You may need WinRar to open/extract the file). All the boys are separated in their designated folders, and all needed files should be there, but if there's any problems, let me know. :)

(Edit 7/5/13)
So I've been looking around on Youtube, and people are criticizing my models, saying their "too short" or their jackets are "too big", now let me explain. I made them look this way because that's how they generally looked on the anime. About them being short, in comparison to the PPGZ, they're actually SHORTER than them, just look on the first episode they appear in.Okay, I'm done going on about this. Thank you.

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