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இருந்தால் போதும் இனி கவலை வேண்டாம்

In this video we are going to unbox best and budget and cool gadgets Alfawise 433MHz Smoke Detector for Alfawise PG - 105 Security Alarm System - White with full review in Tamil. Hope you like this video.


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Alfawise 433MHz Smoke Detector

Main Features:
● A part of Alfawise PG - 105 security alarm system
●Sensitive smoke detection, instantly emit an alarm when smoke is detected
●Sound alarm and App alarm ( need 433mHz gateway ), check the home security situation anywhere
●Universal 433mHz frequency, can be matched with almost all home security gateways
● 75dB alarm sound, will not scare the elderly and children
● 1 year battery life, no need to change batteries frequently

Transmission frequency: 315 / 433mHz
Launch distance: not less than 120m ( open distance )
Alarm sound: 75dB
Battery life: 1 year

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