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EPIGONUS - How to say Epigonus?

EPIGONUS - Say it right: Pronouncing Epigonus in 2023

Epigonus is a genus of deep-sea fishes belonging to the family Percophidae.
They are small, benthic fishes with a distinctive appearance, characterized by their elongated bodies and large eyes.
These fishes are found in the Atlantic Ocean, particularly in the deep waters of the continental slope.
Epigonus species are known for their unique adaptations to the deep-sea environment, such as bioluminescent organs and specialized feeding structures.
They primarily feed on small crustaceans and fish.
The genus Epigonus includes several species, each with its own specific distribution range and ecological niche.

To pronounce 'Epigonus', you can say 'eh-PIG-oh-nus' or 'ep-ih-GOH-nus'.
Here are some alternative pronunciations: 'ee-PIG-oh-nus', 'ep-ee-GOH-nus'.

Test yourself by speaking the following examples:
1. Epigonus is a unique deep-sea fish found in the Atlantic Ocean
2. The bioluminescent organs of Epigonus help them navigate in the dark deep-sea environment
3. Epigonus species have specialized feeding structures to catch their prey
4. This genus of fishes has a distinct appearance with elongated bodies and large eyes
5. Epigonus primarily feeds on small crustaceans and fish

Last updated: September, 2023

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