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Famous people who claim to have seen UFOs.

Celebrities also see UFOs and some people see celebrities as more credible. The UFO sightings in this list were all claimed by celebrities. All 7 of these celebs believe in UFOs and extra-terrestrial life.

1. Russel Crowe

Crowe filmed a video that he posted on Youtube which he said was intended to show fruit bats at Botanic Gardens. Instead it seemed to show what he claims is a UFO, something that he defends to this day.

2. Dan Aykroyd

Aykroyd was awoken in the middle of the night in the 1980's. He claims that at three in the morning he told his wife he wanted to go outside because the aliens were calling him. Though they brushed it off in that moment and went back to sleep, it later turned out that many people had been woken up at the same time that morning. Some of those who actually made it out the front door witnessed a large pink spiral suspended on the skyline. Aykroyd has recently backed up his claims in TV interviews...

3. Mick Jagger

Jagger has been convinced by not one, but two, UFO sightings. The first was at Glastonbury music festival in 1968, where he witnessed a cigar shaped and luminous craft lighting up the sky. It was enough of an event for him to install a UFO detector at his home, a device that picked up changes in electromagnetic fields around it. It was only a year later in 1969 that he had his second direct experience with a craft. As a result of this, he is an outspoken believer.

4. Muhammad Ali

The boxing legend has always believed in UFOs. A memorable occurrence happened one day while he was running in New York's Central Park. He saw a bright light appear over his head, which he followed around for as long as he could. His friend and trainer, Angelo Dundee, was with him that day and also saw the same apparition in the sky. Not only did they see it, but so did many other people that night, including an airline pilot who reported seeing it while touching down at Newark Airport at that time...

5. Ronald Reagan

Before he was ever president, he was overheard by actress Lucille Ball speaking to guests at a dinner. Apparently on his way there, he and Nancy had witnessed a UFO on the highway down from LA. There was a second sighting in 1974 while he was flying in a plane as governor of California. He saw a bright light flying near the aircraft. The pilot saw it too and decided to follow it around for a while before the glowing object suddenly disappeared...

6. Robbie Williams

In 2006, best-selling English singer Robbie Williams took a hiatus from his career in entertainment to explore the world of UFOs and extra-terrestrial life. He and journalist Jon Ronson headed into the Nevada desert to meet UFO abductees and gather their own evidence. And as the Daily Mail reports, the pop star claims to have spotted UFOs with his own eyes three times. He said the first sighting happened when he was a child in England, the second later in his life in Beverly Hills, and the third just after he’d penned a song about alien contact.

7. John Lennon & Uri Geller

Imagine all the people … and all the aliens, too? In 2004, magician Uri Geller told the story of his friend John Lennon’s encounter with extra-terrestrials. It happened one night after a blazing light jolted him awake while sleeping in bed. He went outside and saw four “bug-like” people with “big bug eyes and little bug mouths” scuttling around – and insisted they weren’t the result of drug-induced hallucinations. Lennon said the creatures gave him a metal egg-like object that he carried around with him and eventually passed on to Geller.

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