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How to Calculate Inhand Salary from CTC | What is Gross Salary, Net Salary and CTC?

In this video, I have discussed to Salary Component or Terms. Many employees or job seekers don't know about the difference between Gross Salary, Net Salary, Inhand Salary, and CTC ( Cost To Company).

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An employee or jobseeker must know these salary structures and salary components so that they can be in a better position of salary negotiation. When they go for an interview and while filling the form or in an interview they are not confident about their exact CTC or Gross Salary or net salary.

Watch this video till the end and you will get to know all about the difference between Gross Salary, Net Salary, Inhand salary and CTC (Cost To Company).
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I have explained fully the salary components and how to calculate gross salary, how to calculate inhand salary from CTC and net salary as well as CTC.

Salary Structure includes many components like:
1.Basic, DA, HRA, conveyance allowances, city compensatory allowance, special allowances, etc. are the part of the Fixed salary component.

2. Performance-based Incentives may be based on Performance sales or profit. These are the part of the Variable Salary Component.

3. Reimbursements or Reimburshable includes conveyance, medical, telephone, etc. in your salary component.

4.Statutory benefits offered by the company or contribution paid like Provident Fund, ESI, Statutory Bonus, etc. comes under employer contributions in your salary components.

watch this video till the end to understand all about your salary, salary structure, salary component, gross salary, inhand salary, net salary, CTC or Cost to company.

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