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Doctor McWheelie compilation 10. Car cartoons for kids.

Repair cars for kids & kids' vehicles with Doctor McWheelie on the KidsFirstTV channel! Watch car cartoons for kids, with full episodes in English! Who will come to the garage today? A rusty car and a cabriolet! Help Doctor McWheelie paint the car and make an amphibious car out of the cabriolet! Doctor McWheelie will also visit a car dump and a petrol station. Repair vehicles for kids with the best car doctor!
00:01 - Doctor McWheelie & the amphibious car
05:26 - the car doctor & the petrol tanker truck
10:49 - McWheelie repairs the rusty car
16:36 - Doctor McWheelie (English) at the car dump
Build cars 🚗 and trucks 🚚 with Leo the Truck
⚙️ Repair cars with Doctor McWheelie 🔧
Play & learn 🚒 vehicles 🏎️ with Excavator Max

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