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Is Skoda Rapid vehicle luxury?

Is Skoda Rapid vehicle luxury?

Consider purchasing a Skoda Rapid if you are interested in purchasing a family vehicle that is simple to operate, has a large amount of room inside the vehicle itself, and a large trunk. Be warned that the expansive inside has a rather low-end quality to it and does not have any technological accents of any kind.

The Rapid was introduced in 2012 and updated in 2017 with some minor cosmetic changes and the addition of a 6.5-inch color touchscreen infotainment system. Despite these updates, the Rapid does not come equipped with satellite navigation as standard and does not offer the option to add Apple CarPlay or Android Auto smartphone mirroring systems.

The most important factor that will influence your decision to purchase a Rapid rather than a vehicle like the Volkswagen Golf or the Ford Focus is that the Rapid is more affordable and has a significantly larger trunk. In point of fact, the Skoda's 550-liter cargo hold is more spacious than what you'll find in the somewhat larger Ford Mondeo (541 litres).

The Rapid provides a decent amount of room for its passengers. It is possible to seat adults of a taller stature in the front row while still leaving room for those of a comparable height to sit behind them. Because of the large rear doors, it is also reasonably simple to install a kid safety seat.
Sadly, it is pretty much the only thing that can be stated in a favorable light regarding the inside. The fact that everything is solidly glued together means that the Rapid should be able to withstand years of use by a family, despite the fact that it is completely composed of hard black plastics that look great but feel quite cheap.

The only potential stumbling block when it comes to parking the Rapid in reverse is the high-mounted back window, which may be a challenge due to the comfortable ride and light controls. Other than that, driving the Rapid is a breeze.

Choosing an engine, on the other hand, is simple. Choose the quick 110-horsepower gasoline type if you spend a lot of driving in the city since it is economical to maintain and quiet while you are cruising. If you drive a lot of miles on the highway, you should think about purchasing one of the two diesels available; however, this decision should only be made if you plan to travel a distance that will allow you to take advantage of the diesel's somewhat superior gas mileage. Avoid the entry-level vehicles that can only be purchased with manual gearboxes that have five gears since they produce a lot of noise at highway speeds.

Due to its minimalist design, the Rapid lacks several advanced safety features, such as automated emergency braking, although it was awarded a perfect score of five stars in crash tests conducted by the European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) in 2012. Since that time, the standards have been raised, making it more likely that newer, higher-rated automobiles will be safer. Having said that, the Skoda Rapid is not the worst option available if you are looking for a vehicle that offers a lot of space for a reasonable price.

Special thanks to Eastside Skoda for allowing me to film this car :D

Address: Eastside Skoda
309 Whitehorse Road Nunawading VIC 3131
Phone: (03) 8814 6222

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