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2 Month Old Baby Typical & Atypical Development Side by Side

This footage shows a comparison of the movement of two children at 2 months of age demonstrating typical development and atypical development. See the difference in their physical development in these side by side clips. This film goes through 8 different positions with the two children. Watch this video to see the eight positions healthcare providers use to determine if intervention is needed and what parents can look for in their baby’s development.

0:00 2 Month Old Babies Side by Side Motor Development
0:22 Typical and Atypical Supine
1:19 Typical and Atypical Side-Lying
2:11 Typical and Atypical Prone
3:28 Typical and Atypical Pull to Sit
4:17 Typical and Atypical Sitting
5:01 Typical and Atypical Horizontal Suspension
5:39 Typical and Atypical Protective Extension
6:22 Typical and Atypical Standing

Typical Development Supine at 2 Months Old:
Head – Maintains in midline for brief periods.
Visual Tracking – Locates and visually tracks objects horizontally.
Extremities – Begins to show antigravity movements and reciprocal kicking.
Typical Development Sidelying at 2 Months Old:
Transition – Lateral head righting and follow through into rolling with head lifted into prone.
Movement – Demonstrates an integration of major muscle groups.
Truck Control – Switch from using abdominals during the roll, then neck and back extensors and s/he completes.
Typical Development Prone at 2 Months Old:
Head Lifting – Able to lift to 45 degrees while extending through upper thoracic spine.
Head and upper Trunk – Upper body is free to lift head and upper trunk off the surface.
Movement – Little weight shifts, able to counteract with abdominals to balance, while increasing shoulder girdle strength.
Hip Position – Moving out of flexed into extended and abducted position.
Typical Development Pull to Sit at 2 Months Old:
Head – Demonstrated head-lag expected at this age, sustains midline head control when upright.
Upright – Good extension through the cervical and upper thoracic spine.
Upper Extremities – Uses shoulder elevation and elbow flexion to assist with the maneuver.
Typical Development Sitting at 2 Months Old:
Head – Head aligned with ear, directly over shoulder.
Posture – Good activity of neck extensors, holds and sustains posture with assistance.
Movement – We don’t see a lot of head turning, but this is typical of this age.
Typical Development Horizontal Suspension at 2 Months Old:
Antigravity Extension – Muscles of the neck and trunk and sustain this position against gravity.
Extremities – Recruits muscles in shoulder girdle to augment the thoracic extension.
Typical Development Protective Extension at 2 Months Old:
Tilting Forward – Sustains and increased the head and neck extension.
Progression – On track to demonstrating control in this position by 6 months.
Typical Development Standing at 2 Months Old:
Posture – Good vertical alignment from head through trunk and feet.
Weight Bearing – Sustains weight on lower extremities with support at trunk.
Upper Body – Uses shoulder elevation and upper extremities held close to body to assist in posture.

Each year, 1 in 40 children in the United States is born with an early motor delay, and an estimated 400,000 children are born at-risk for a delay. When healthcare providers know what to look for, they are better equipped to recognize the subtle signs of a delay in infants as young as 2 months of age, giving them the opportunity to receive early intervention services and thereby reach their fullest potential.

We encourage you to use resources as a guide to identify potential early motor delays at each well-child visit. For more information on infant development, visit:

All materials including videos are provided at no cost; no fees or charges may be associated with any of the materials without prior written approval.

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