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Why I’ll never use Stash investing

Lets review Stash Investing, how it works, and the reasons why I won’t be investing with them - enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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Stash is an investing platform that helps automate your investing, but they have a few distinctive twists that make them a little more unique than others:
First, they do what’s called micro investing - which means you can invest with as little as $5 Into fractional shares, where you own a small percentage of a stock without needing to buy the whole thing.

Secondly, they have a wide range of investment options you can chose from, depending on your goals, how you want to invest, and the time frame you want to hold that investment. 
Third, what’s very unique to Stash…they offer what’s called Stock Back, which is a feature that allows you to earn stocks as a reward anytime you use your debit card for purchases within certain companies.
Fourth, Stash also offers a Roth IRA.

Now when it comes to the $1 per month fee, here’s where it starts getting a little iffy, from my perspective:

First, the $1 per month fee is up to your first $5000 invested…and to ME…that’s just absurdly high. Like if you have $4000 with Stash, you’re paying $12 per year just as a fee for investing. If you invest more than $5000, their management fee lowers $1 per month to 0.25%.

Again, it might not SEEM like a lot…but when you consider Vanguard charges 0.04%, Fidelity charges NOTHING, and even Acorns just charges a flat $1 per month up to a million dollars invested…stash is very, very expensive at 0.25%. So from THAT perspective alone, I’m absolutely not a fan of it. 
They offer what’s called Stock Back - this is a feature where they will give you BACK a fraction of a stock on what you purchase, as a reward for using the debit card. According to them: “Upon a qualifying debit card purchase, you will earn a fractional share of Stock.  Stock reward amounts will be a dollar amount equal to 0.125% of the aggregate amount of the qualifying purchase, or, if greater, a fixed dollar amount of $0.01 per qualifying purchase.“

So if you spend $100 with Amazon…you’re getting back a whopping 12.5 CENTS in stock. 12.5 CENTS!! Just get a 2% Citi Double Cash Card…and when you spend $100, you’ll get $2 back!! That’s $1.87 cents MORE for the same purchase, than with Stash. 

As usual, I should just say this: it’s better to do SOMETHING than nothing…so if Stash gets you investing, even if it costs you a higher amount every month…it’s BETTER than not doing anything at all, and not investing.

But…for EVERYONE ELSE with even a moderate amount of self control and don’t mind spending an extra 5 minutes doing their own research…there are many, many, MANY cheaper options for what you get. 
It’s great that people are getting excited about investing, but there are sooooo many cheaper alternatives out there that it just isn’t worth it from that perspective. And I hope they can improve their reward and pricing tiers so I can review it again and give it something a little better. 

For business or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting inquiries, you can reach me at [email protected]

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