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💧 Top 7 Quotes of Caroline Lawrence - Author

Top 7 Quotes of Caroline Lawrence:
● To create a character who really interests you, try combining aspects of your favourite fictional character with a real person.
● I discovered John Truby ten years ago when a friend told me about his screenwriting course. I studied Truby's principles for a year and -- using them -- I wrote the first draft of The Thieves of Ostia in two weeks. I go back to his teachings before each new book I write. Each time I study Truby, I learn something new.
● I write about times and places I would visit in a time machine, like ancient Rome or the Wild West.
● I loved every minute of my three years majoring in classics at Berkeley.
● After I had written seventeen full-length mysteries, two volumes of mini-mysteries, a travel guide and some quiz books, not to mention a spin-off Roman Mystery Scrolls series, I thought it was time I moved to new historical pastures.
● Now, if I had an Indian name, it would be "Stands in Confusion".
● I thought it might be fun to set my books in Nevada, which is in the West and still pretty Wild. You can still gamble, carry a loaded pistol and go into a silver-mine and they still have saloons with swinging doors, boardwalks, and horses.
🖎 Author: Caroline Lawrence
♛ Career: Author
📅 Life: b. 1954
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