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Find Keywords using keywords everywhere

In this video I take you through a great free tool that enables you to find keywords right from Google.

The Keyword Golden Ration is a methodology that allows you to identify keywords to create content around that will rank on the search engines quickly.

In this playlist of 10 videos created in collaboration with Doug Cunnington we take you through everything you need to know including the tools to use, success stories and much more.

Find the playlist here:

Videos in the playlist:

1. Introduction -
2. Keyword Golden Ratio Success Stories & Demo of the KGR Spreadsheet -
3. Find Keywords using keywords everywhere -
4. Keyword Golden Ratio Using SEM Rush -
5. Find Keywords using Answer the Public -
6. Reasons why 250 is in the keyword golden ratio -
7. How long should affiliate content be? -
8. Best Keyword Golden Ratio Format -
9. Keywords you should avoid -
10. Case Study: 200 KGR Posts in 5 Months -

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