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Engineer Calls Me A Name! Scrap Metal Train Goes By Burnt House!

Very unprofessional railroad engineer calls me a name over the railroad radio! Scrap metal train in Ohio loaded after doing railroad switching at Cohen Recycling. Awesome locomotives at both ends of the loaded scrap metal train on Ohio short line railroad Cincinnati Eastern Railroad CCET. Listen to what the engineer calls me at 3:10 in the video. He has called me worse, everything from bxtch to nxgger. I just ignore him. Yes, he is the same guy who assaulted me and stole my camera while I was standing on the road filming the training backing across. Police charged him with disorderly conduct. The rest of the crew is okay with me filming but this one guy just hates railfans. The train was returning westbound from Macon, Ohio and the first scene is at Mount Orab, Ohio. The next scene is downtown Williamsburg, Ohio. Then we see the train pass over the huge trestle in Batavia, Ohio that crosses 2 highways and a river. The outro shows the train crossing Half Acre Road in Afton, Williamsburg Township. The house fire was started by a trash can catching on fire next to the house and starting the new remodel on fire which spred into the old construction of the home. The home owner also said that a dog and cat died in the fire. I heard this call come over the radio when they called my towns department for assistance. Filmed July 27, 2020. Thanks for watching! Check out my steam train playlist for some really cool videos! I am still working on steam train videos from Cass Railroad and Durbin. I also have a hornet removal video and railroad videos of all types. Please watch another video to help support my channel:

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