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Pilots Flew Into The Worst Weather (Knight Air Flight 816) - DISASTER BREAKDOWN

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The North of England is a grey, dreary place. I know from firsthand experience; I’ve lived there my entire life. It’s often wet, cold, cloudy with inevitable forecast of more rain. When it comes to aviation, there are a number of airports scattered about the landscape in Northern England. Our story today brings us down to the airport that serves one of the major cities here, Leeds.
On May 24th, 1995. There was a plane crash, an airliner, that came down just a few miles out of Leeds Bradford Airport. It was a deadly accident that killed everyone on board. But likely, you’ve never heard of it. This video was a request from a viewer, also a local to the area. It’s one of those accidents that time seemed to forget as it were. So let’s unpack this tragedy, because what we’ll soon uncover is how the weather of the region, left the pilots blind following the loss of a critical instrument.


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