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This video is about the fascinating story behind How BEETHOVEN Invented METAL MUSIC. Many metalheads claim a relationship between classical music and metal. Is this just a way to legitimize music most of society despises tho? Well, as it turns out, Ritchie Blackmore of the band Deep Purple used Beethoven's 5th Symphony to write one of the most popular guitar riffs of all time. I'm talking about SMOKE ON THE WATER. Also known as 0-3-5. Using Bach's concept of INVERSION and RETROGRADE, Lord Blackmore worked out a new idea from Beethoven's FATE THEME. Perhaps it was FATE that destined the relationship between Metal and Classical music muhaha. Get the full score and tabs from this video below on patreon. Many historians actually peg the beginning of Metal Music with the release of Black Sabbath's first album in 1970. Although Black Sabbath is clearly more influenced from BLUES, even they used pieces like Gustav Holst's MARS THE BRINGER OF WAR to inspire their compositions.

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