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Black Mafia Godfathers:

Al Profit analyzes the role of the Dope Game in the Economy of Black America prior to 1980.
In 1959 nearly 60% of blacks lived in poverty. Ten years later that figure was down to 32%. But Heroin and crime had gripped the big city streets. Men with names like Frank Lucas, Eddie Jackson, Tootie Williams, & Leroy "Nicky" Barnes had replaced Martin Luther kIng, Jr, Malcolm X, and Huey P. Newtown as the heros for many people in the black community of Detroit, New York, Chicago, Oakland, Cleveland, and other major black cities...

00:00:00 Introduction
00:04:02 Frank Matthews Final Days
00:05:01 Economy of Black America
00:12:44 Black Kingpins Controlling Dope
00:14:12 Frank Matthews, French Connection, Marseilles Corsican Gangsters
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