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ACIDS, BASES AND SALTS in One Shot || NDA Chemistry Crash Course

▶ To download Lecture Notes, Practice Sheet & Practice Sheet Video Solution, Visit SHAKTI Batch in Batch Section of PhysicsWallah App

📲PW App Link -
🌐PW Website -

📝 NOTE : This Batch is Completely FREE, You just have to click on "BUY NOW" button for your enrollment.

🔴 NDA Fast Track batch for (NDA-2), 2021 exam.

• Starting date: 1st Sept, 2021

• Completion date: 3rd Nov, 2021.

• The classes will be conducted on Defence Wallah YouTube channel.

• Free of cost.

• Classes will be held all days in a week

• 3 classes per day will be held

• Duration of Lecture: 1 hour 15 minutes

• Lecture schedule and class notes will be available in PW app

• Weekly lecture planner will be uploaded on DefenceWallah community page

• MCQ series Live Class will be held from 6th Nov to 13th Nov.

Keep the Josh high.
Padhai karte rahe, all the very best !!

For any queries or complaints Visit :
For PW APP :
For PW Website :

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