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Dancers perform vertical routine across Boston building facade

Performers from experimental dance company Bandaloop leap, flip and spin across the glass facade of a 17-storey tower at Boston's Fan Pier in this choreographed acrobatic act.

The aerial performance took place to celebrate the opening of 100 Northern Avenue – a 534,000-square-foot office building (49,600 square metres) on the city's waterfront.

Suspended on thin cables and dressed in green, blue and yellow outfits, the dancers ran and jumped across the giant expanse of glass.

During the routine, they ducked under and leapt over one another – clearing impressive air from the vertical surface – as well as displaying synchronised moves.

The cables are anchored on the roof, with the acrobats attached using carabiners and harnesses. The setup allowed them to shimmy up and down the facade, as well as push far off from the vertical surface while remaining secure.

Some performed in pairs, while other sections of the routine involved six or more individuals.

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