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How to Freeze Water like Elsa! (Supercooling Explained) | Maddie Moate

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How to instantly freeze water like Elsa from Frozen! If you want a more in depth explanation of super cooling, check out the links below! This video has been written with little ones in mind :-)

Watch this video as part of the "Curious Christmas Calendar" in the YouTube Kids App! -

SciShow - How to Supercool Water -
Veritasium - Supercooled Eater- Explained! -

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My Camera Gear

Main Vlog Camera Set Up

Canon 700d -
Extra Batteries -
Rode Top Mic -
Gorilla Bendy Tripod - +
For still images and occasional vlogging I use the Fujifilm X-A2 -


Canon EF-S 10-22mm (My standard vlogging lens - Good for wides, zooms and close-ups) -
Sigma DG 70-200mm (Great telephoto/macro lens for detailed wildlife filming and pretty distance shots) -
Canon 50mm (For close-up,blurry background shots)


GoPro Hero4 Black (with waterproof housing)-
Dual battery charger -
3 Way Tripod -

*I’ve been building up my camera kit over the last 5 years and this collection is the result of money saving and lots of birthday and christmas presents! The GoPro and Fujifilm were gifted to me after I worked with the brands on filming projects. Everything else is my own :-)

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