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How to Increase business in under 9 minutes per day with these 12 easy to do activities! ~ Strategy for your free "20 Ways to Improve your Follow up"

Here we Go!

Before we get started, here is the link for this video should you want to share it ;)

1. Find 3 blogs that "YOUR CLIENT" would read. Once you find them, leave at least 3 different comments on different posts inside the blog. This will get you in the loop of what others are talking about to your potential client.

Here is a short video I did on this topic specifically.

Here is a string of videos I did that lasts 42 minutes but has tons of tips on here!

2. Send 3 Thank you cards to people. Here is a simple formula I use. 1 to a prospect 1 to a current client and 1 to a past client. DO NOT TRY AND SELL! These are designed to help you build better relationships. Here is a video you can check out and if you like this idea, feel free to try it out. or check out this video the company did on me and my business!

3. Take out your smart phone and text 10 people!! You can do this in traffic, while you are in at the DMV, or anywhere else you might be standing line!! All you need to do is pick out 10 people and send them a message of just checking in letting them know they are on your mind! This gets amazing results!! TRUST ME!

Here is a short video I did on this exact topic.

4. Do a Facebook Live! This is SUPER important! One of the best easy technologies that will increase your business like none other!!

5. Do a blog post and Promote it! This one is gonna take a little longer than 10 minutes but it can be done. This post does not need to be a really fancy post but a quick and easy one.

6. Start a googleDoc with popular social media posts! Borrow posts that you see that have had a HUGE response. I save pictures, puzzles, quotes that I have seen with a ton of comments. You can also use these as a start for an article to be posted on your blog or website.

7. Call a past client! Be prepared for whatever happens! This is simply to stay in touch with someone you have worked with in the past. We are always trying to bring back clients that may have left for some other reason.

8. Join 10 meetups where your CLIENTS hang out! This is also a great way to stay informed of what is happening in your town with your potential clients! I run 3 meetups, I would love to have you join my main one where we meet live in L.A. but we also stream them live so you can stil be a part even if you don't live in Los Angeles! Check my groups out here If you are in Network Marketing, here is another group I run just for the folks in Direct Sales, MLM, and Network Marketing.

9. Find a REFERRAL for your BEST client!

10. Buy products from Network Marketers or folks in Direct sales! If you are of the mindset that it is about building a big network of people, then this is a pretty easy one. Check this out, if someone is making money from a home based business then I ASSURE you they have a huge network of people they already know and it is their JOB to build a network. I buy everything I can from people in home business. From shampoo, vitamins, candles, coffee, kitchen tools, and even greeting cards, most of these products are better than I could buy in a store and by being a customer I have access to a LOT of people.

11. Post content in 10 facebook groups where your CLIENTS hang out! Always be thinking of how you can provide value to the marketplace!!

12. Send resources or free value to the people on your email list! This is pretty easy, find some cool article or interview and send it to your list just to add some value.

Well, there you have it! A great start in building your business with things you can do in under 10 minutes per day! When I start a coaching client we start here. Pick 1 or 2 of these and get some results and then add another one. Just imagine if you took an hour per day while you are watching your favorite show and did some of these. I would love your thoughts below! If you get a result, please post your comments!!

If you would like to have a conversation with me about your blog, website or even how I might be able to assist you in growing your business, fill out the form below and we will get you on my calendar!! WOW, you made it through the whole article! Awesome! Let's work together to build your business!


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