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15 Strange Images Found on Mars

15 shocking images captured by the Mars Rover from a bizarre giant crab to a pyramid, are these just rock formations or more?!

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7. Reptilian?
This mysterious object was spotted by UFO sightings daily while sifting through NASA archive, which we encourage everyone to do. Could this be a fossilized lizard found on the surface of Mars? That’s what the website is claiming. If mars did have life on it billions of years ago, wouldn’t there be some fossils still out there? Probably. Some would compare this to finding shapes in clouds but if it was a lizard, it should have the shape of one. Interesting find by UFO sightings daily nonetheless.

6. Other Signs of Water
These images captured by the Mars Reconnaissance orbiter in 2011 are of what’s known as the Dark Finger also have confirmed the existence of that liquid water once existed here. And the details are shocking! Nasa admitted that the body of water in this area was actually larger than the arctic sea and there might be some water still left there! This is an artist’s portrayal of what mars might have looked like with this vast body of water. The streaks are made from flowing water, either on the surface or beneath its crust. So it’s going to take much more investigation. The next step is to find the source of the water.

5. The Japan Structure
This structure you see in this photo was built as a tomb in Kofun Japan around 250 AD, currently near the Sakitama ancient tomb park. It appears to have a twin to a bizarre object found on Mars. They both share the same exclamation point shape with striking similarities. The object found on Mars, is in the middle of a flat plane and which makes it somewhat difficult to believe that it’s a natural rock formation. Nasa claims the straight edges you see, could be a result of fractures from faulting and from the land around it eroding. UFO theorists cast some doubt on the geological theory and believe the two structures are not simply a coincidence. Some even think it’s possible the Japanese are descendants of Mars. Or maybe Japan copied the structure with advanced knowledge mars.

4. Ancient Traffic Signal
So now that we know without a doubt that there was and probably still is water on Mars, how advanced do you think life was here? And which images might have been man made? This image that was taken by the curiosity rover in 2014, almost seems to look similar to a traffic light. While it sounds a little farfetched, look at the other rocks in the area. They appear to have absolutely no resemblance to this formation. UFO theorists claim that this is without out a doubt that it was intelligently designed, but it’s most likely just a rock formation. Quite strange either way.

3. Face on Mars
This image has been around a little longer and it still managed to shock many people. The Viking 1 was capturing photos for possible landing sites for the viking 2 when it came across this spooky image of what many people believe is a face. It certainly looked like it did with the low resolution cameras they had in the 1970’s. It would measure to be about 2 miles from end to end but once more high resolution photos came out, they could clearly tell it didn’t remotely resemble a face and you can notice that with the 2001 photos of the same mountain.

2. A Fish
Another image captured by the Mars curiosity rover, made quite a few people think the photo was actually portraying a fish. If Mars had oceans, why not a fish? Seems to make perfect sense. Nasa is still firm on their stance about live on Mars and thinks that there was never enough oxygen to support life and therefore, little chance to find fossils. So how many rocks do we have to go through in order find an actual living creature on Mars!?

1.Bacteria Fossil
This could be the rock that scientists were desperately look for on Mars, finally! In 1996 a Martian meteorite was found. But this was no ordinary meteorite. This might be the holy grail to proving there was life on Mars. David S McKay, a leader of Nasa’s scientists explained that the meteorite must have hosted Martian bacteria at some time in the distant past. Some of the features that were found, featured bacteria found on land even though they're smaller than average. Many of course, were outraged by his claims was his theory was rejected by the scientific community. So after all those rocks we finally found something!

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