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Cartoons - Full Episodes. The Car Doctor, Cars and Trucks

In these car cartoons - full episodes - watch Doctor McWheelie helping little cars for kids and trucks for children. Today, Doctor McWheelie wants to buy a new kids' car, and our car doctor goes to a car showroom. How many cars and trucks there are here! Let's watch what car colors Doctor McWheelie picks. Also she fixes a tire for a little yellow car for kids. Enjoy videos for kids and watch baby cartoons on the best channel for kids - First Toons.
00:01 - Doctor McWheelie buys a new kids' car
05:18 - A little car for kids changes a tire

🚚 Play with Leo the Truck

🛠️ Repair cars with doctor McWheelie ⚙️

🚗 Learn vehicles with Car Toons 🚒

👧 Smarta and her Magic Bag

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