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AHHAA’s Science Show Marathon

31.03-01.04 at Nemo Science Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Science Centre AHHAA will organize its Science Show Marathon at the Amsterdam Science Museum NEMO on 31.03-01.04.2018. The format of the event is inspired by the Science Show International Cup 2015 (SSIC15), while omitting the competitive aspect.

AHHAA and three of the other best science theatre teams (Psühhobuss, Teadusbuss and Kvark) will bring their best shows to celebrate Estonia’s 100th birthday and to present the achievements of Estonian scientists.

Science Show Marathon allows its audience to get to know this unique entertainment format, Estonian scientific achievements and gives the best Estonian science promoters an opportunity to network between themselves and with the Estonian community living in the Netherlands.

The program is composed of three parts that are targeted towards all English speaking age groups:

1) Shows for the NEMO audience, created by Estonian best science theatre artists;

2) Science Centre AHHAA special program, which consists of a science theatre show that specifically presents the achievements of Estonian scientists and three of the most popular workshops within the science centre that are held between the theatre shows;

3) A separately held official and closed meeting between the science theatre artists, NEMO key personnel, the representatives of the Estonian embassy and the Estonian community living in the Netherlands. The goal of this meeting is to strengthen the connections between the participants and to facilitate future collaboration. (The meeting takes place at the NEMO science centre after the first marathon day and is supported by the Estonian embassy in the Netherlands.)

You can enter the Science Show Marathon by buying a ticket to the Science Centre NEMO. There will be a total of 12 science theatre shows (maximum of 100 spectators each) and 6 workshops (60 participants each).


Camera / edit : Rain Aunapu
Script : Elmar Reinhold
Producer : Mathis Bogens

By Science Centre AHHAA

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