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PlantSnap identifies a Claspingleaf Pondweed (Potamogeton perfoliatus)

Potamogeton perfoliatus (claspingleaf pondweed, perfoliate pondweed, redhead grass) is a perennial aquatic plant in the family Potamogetonaceae occurring in both standing and flowing freshwater habitats. It is widely distributed globally, occurring in all continents except South America and Antarctica.

Perfoliate pondweed grows from a robust creeping perennial rhizome, intermittently producing round stems up to 3 m long. The submerged leaves are oval and translucent, with no stalk, 20-115 mm long and 7-42 mm wide, clasping the stem (perfoliate), a flat apex, and 5-12 veins on either side of the midrib.They vary considerably in colour and may be bright green, dark green, yellowish, olive or brownish. There are no floating leaves.

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