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The Lament of Captain Placeholder

Update: You can now buy this song on iTunes and

One tragic day when the ships in Menethil Harbor had gained the reputation of dumping their unsuspecting passengers into the ocean and sending them to a watery grave, our dear friend, Captain Placeholder, came to our rescue. He met us on the dock, more than willing to immediately and safely transport us to the farthest shores of the globe. We became accustomed to this convenience and thus Captain Placeholder earned a place in all our hearts.

Some time later when the ships were repaired, Captain Placeholder's mission had been fulfilled and he left our presence, never to be seen again.

Eledainn, Night Elf Priest of Graystar, penned this song, "The Lament of Captain Placeholder", so that we would never forget. This is my rendition of that great song. I dedicate this rendition to mariners everywhere.

I hope you enjoy!

See for more information about "Captain P".

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