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CAS Podcast Episode 104 | Marketing Plan - The 4 Emails You Should Be Sending

CAS Podcast Episode 104 | Marketing Plan - The 4 Emails You Should Be Sending

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Now that you have gotten someone's email address. what do you do next?

We have compiled a list of 4 very important emails you should be sending ... and WHY.

We will go through what the emails mean, why you would send them and some methods for delivery.

Email 1: Intro/Welcome

After someone gets on your email list, the basic first email should be an introduction. This would include:

- Delivering information you promised (if you promised something.. like a free download or coupon)
- Thanking them for visiting you, purchasing, signing up.
- How to contact you in the future
- A very brief summary of who you are and/or what you do.
- Links to your website, socials, etc

Email 2: New Product

This is an email that goes out to your list in a batch and blast. This is to gather interest and catch attention. You might send out things like:

- There is a new style of shirts you like from Fruit of the Loom you think works great with your decorating method.
- You just added an Avance embroidery machine or DigitalHeat FX Printer or Compress UV Printer.
- You never offered hats before and now you do.
- You have an online store and have new designs that came out.

The frequency of the above email depends on your store.

If you mainly do customized apparel, you may only announce things with the season. e.g. long sleeve apparel for the winter, or sports based on their season.

If you sell designs online, and they update weekly. You probably should send an email every week with new designs.

Email 3: Sales/Promos/Events

The only way your customers will know if you have a sale, promo or event is if you tell them. Examples of these emails:

- You are offering a promo buy 10 shirts get a customized hat free
- Your apparel supplier has specific shirts on sale and you can pass on that savings to customers (save 10% on all XYZ brand shirt orders the next 2 weeks )
- You have free shipping offer on your website this week
- BOGO offer
- Your business has a booth at the Jazz, Fishing and Noodling Expo
- You are having a grand opening for your store.
- Bring your kids to make shirts event at your store with pizza

Email 4: Infotainment

This is entertaining your customers with information. Educational content they will want to read or watch. This could be:

- How to wash apparel for the best life of shirt video
- Do's and Don't of picking sizes for shirts
- How to properly design a t-shirt
- How to manage a fundraising event for shirts at your school
- Watch me make 100 hats and how yours could be next.

The above emails are generally a batch and blast type of email. Meaning that as the idea comes together you email your list. You can easily plan some of these out (like events). Others might happen on the fly (your apparel supplier offers a flash sale).

Lastly, you will put some of these into an automation. Meaning "when the person signs up for the list, they get the intro email"

Don't get caught up in making your emails look like they came from a Fortune 500 company. Also, make sure they don't look like they were put together sloppily.

Two styles beginners can do:

Graphics and Text:
- Heading text
- Main image
- Body Text
- Link

Text Only:
- Personal letter signed by you
- Call to action to click a link, reply or call in

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