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52 Piece Presser Foot Kit: Identification

TIME STAMPED for ID names AND how to video links ... ***SEE DESCRIPTION BELOW***
The white foot is a non-stick foot for leathers, vinyls, etc.
Manual for set:
Laid out (2:20)
Stitch guild foot (2:40)
All-purpose feet (3:16)
Open toe (3:43)
Combo all-purpose/open toe (4:17)
Zipper (4:40)
Invisible zipper (6:12)
Nail button (7:19)
Applique (8:00)
Round bead (8:33)
with hem guild (9:05)
Satin stitch (9:28)
Rolled hem/ narrow hem/ Picot (10:08)
Zig zag foot (11:17)
Embroidery/ open toe (11:39)
Large opening foot (11:57)
Cording feet (12:15)
Quilting (13:44)
Braiding (14:22)
Straight stitch (15:09)
Quilting - another one (15:26)
Overcast/ whip stitch (15:47)
Overcast/ whip stitch without gear (16:47)
Edge joiner (17:31)
Double welting (18:15)
Fringe foot (18:58)
Snap attachment (19:34)
Flat-felled - NOT IN THIS KIT (20:13)
Adjustable bias tape (21:02)
Shearing/ gather (21:20)
Roller (21:43)
Quilting foot - another one (22:26)
Button hole (22:45)
Blind stitch (23:20)
Knit (23:37)
Pin tuck (24:32)
Darning, quilting, Free-form (25:03)
Threader (25:46)

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******* PRODUCT LINKS ********

Janome: *unavailable* (not all the feet in the 52 piece set will work on this machine but I'm liking this machine so far)

52 piece presser foot set:
62 piece presser foot set:
3Pcs Narrow Rolled Hem Sewing Machine Presser Foot:
Sleeve board:
Tailor ham:
Pick it up mitt:
Blocking mats:
Dress dummy:
6.5 x 24” acrylic ruler:
Quilter temples:
Square quilters rulers:
Rotary cutter:
Binder clips:
Sewing clips:
Hair clips:
Pattern weights:
Magnetic pin wand:
Tag gun:
Leather rivet set:
Grommet set:
Triangle Tailor's Chalk Markers:

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