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Replacing Round Fluorescent T9 Bulb with Solara LED in Kodak Clock

This is a Kodak clock, but it is the same for anything that use a round fluorescent T9 bulb like desk lamps. These new LED bulbs work great and are an easy replacement. Amazon link:

Very easy to replace - just remove the old fluorescent bulb, starter and ballast. The new LED unit will fit into the existing clips on your clock or desk lamp. Wire LED directly to power - no ballast/starter required. If you need a new cord, buy the one below. These LED bulbs are available via Amazon:

Our BRIGHTEST SOFT WHITE LED (3000K) Circline T9 Lamp (8-inch) FOR MAGNIFYING LAMP - 120Vac 9Watts 2000Lumens - NON-DIMMABLE. P/N: SPTL240LR-SW

LED Bulb Link:

Royal Designs Lamp Cord with Molded Plug, Black, 12 feet, SPT-1 (CO-1001-BLK-12-1)

Lamp Cord Link:

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